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Torzym Forest District was founded 1.07.1973 on the basis of No.36 Order of Director-General of the State Forests dated 26.06.1973.

Until 1945 Torzym Forest District comprised of state forests (around 9 500 ha) and private forests (around 6 500 ha). In 1945 after nationalization of those forests at first entered Toruń Lubuski Forest District (also partly Kraśnik and Gądków Wielki Forest Districts). In 1952 Toruń Lubuski Forest District was closed down and its largest part joined Torzym Forest District and the remaining areas were divided between forest disticts: Gądków Wielki, Polska Wola and Łagów. On 1 July 1973 as a result of reorganization from the areas of former forest districts of Torzym, Gądków Wielki, Polska Wola (eastern part) and Łagów (Korytno Sub-district) a three-precinct Torzym Forest District was created. Between 1984 and 1985 a small forest area of Gądków Wielki precinct was handed over to Białków and Krosno Forest Districts basing the south border of the precinct on the River Pliszka and lakes. In 1985 forests of 179.38 ha were joined from Ośno Lubuskie Forest District (Sulęcin precinct).

Territorial development of Torzym Forest District:
- 1963 – 8 645,39 ha,
- 1973 – 22 689,58 ha,
- 1986 – 21 606,41 ha,
- 1996 – 21 578,70 ha,
- 2006 – 21 745,08 ha.