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Forest unless came to being naturally is planted by foresters. The basic aim of silviculture is preserving and enriching the existing ones (regeneration) and creating new ones (forestation) considering natural conditions and processes. Silviculture takes advantage of achievements in climatology, soil science, botany and plant physiology.

Silviculture includes collection and storage of tree seeds, production of seedlings in nursery gardens, founding, nurturing and protection of plantations and tree stands.

In total 70 seed stands were selected on the area of 256.11 ha in Torzym Forest District. In the district a nursery-garden operates in Bobrówko in Wystok precinct (Borówka Forest District). The area of the nursery-garden is 5.66 hectares and is split into 10 plots. The production covers the demand of the forest district (on average around 7000 pieces/1 are of seedlings yearly.