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Around 60% of 618 species of vertebrates in Poland inhabit forests. Civilisation caused the immemorial balance and rules governing forest ecosystems to be weakened. It influences the animals therefore currently their number, ways of nurturing and protection from animal damage is regulated by law both Polish and European.

Hunting is also referred to as hunting management and follows rules of economy and wildlife protection. It includes: breeding and protection of animals and acquiring it as the result of hunting of fish harvesting. Hunting plays an important role in forest management as hunters co-operate with foresters in a planed and coordinated fashion protecting environment and adjusting volume of animals.

Hunting management in Torzym Forest District is held in two neighbouring Game Breeding Centres (GBC) created in order to breed red deer Cervus elaphus and cover the southern part of the district (boundaries between southern and northern part is set by a trunk road no. 2).

Each GBC covers one game shooting district and its number (105, 106) is the extension of a given BGC name. Total surface of GBC 105 is 6612 ha, GBC 106 - 11282 ha.

The Forest District is in possession of a hunting plot on the area of GBC 105, currently on lease by hunting office.

Apart from game shooting districts constituting GBC on the area of the forest district 8 additional game shooting districts can be found:
- game shooting districts no. 93, 94, 95 - on lease to hunting associations "Jodła" and "Łoś",
- game shooting districts no. 86, 87 - parts of the districts are in the northern part of the forest district.
- game shooting districts no. 96, 104, 107 - are fragments of respective GBCs: Rzepin, Świebodzin and Cybinka

On the area of GBC of the forest district basic game species occur. It is the land full of red deer, roe deer, wild boar and fallow deer.
Small game is mainly represented by foxes, badgers and non-native species by raccoon dogs and minks. Similarly to the situation in the remaining part of the province a great amount of game birds (wild duck, wild goose)

Average annual amounts of the following species of big game (stock taken on basis of observation) are: deer - 280, fallow deer - 52, roe deer - 450 , wild boar - 450.