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Torzym Forest District is actively involved in promoting forest and environment knowledge. On the area of "The Ilanka Valley", in schools and the headquarter of the district classes for local students are organized. Meetings of this kind often involve competitions on nature and forests with awards or materials founded by the forest district.

"The Ilanka Valley" nature and forest trail is located in the southern part of sanctuary of the same name, 3km from Torzym.

The length of the trail: short circuit - 1km (trekking time - 45 minutes), large circut - 6km (trekking time - 4-5 hours).

18 themed stops are located on the route.

Organized groups can take advantage of a guide (further information available in the headquarters of the Forest District). Optimal size of the group is 25 people. One can explore the path individually as well.

Additional environmental and forest paths are designed as well as foundation of educational room in the headquarters of Torzym Forest District is planned.