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European Ecological Network Natura 2000 is a kind of system of areas connected one with each other by ecological corridors. These areas form together a coherent ecological network, of which basic task is prevention of biodiversity. It happens through protection of the most valuable and the most rare nature elements.

Among "Natura 2000" areas of the forest district are:

  • Natura 2000 area "The Valley of Ilanka River" (code B PLH080009), total area: 2 012 ha, includes the most attractive fragment of the Ilanka Valley with low peatlands on calcareous surface which are best preserved in the Lubuskie province (their total area is about 90 ha). Apart from peatlands which determine the nature of the sanctuary there are riparian forests and on the most steep slopes of river gorges - beech, alder etc. Basically, 10 habitats that are environmentally valuable according to the appendix of the  First Habitat Directive can be distinguished, 7 animal species from the appendix of the Second Habitat Directive, 11 nationally endangered species, 18 protected plants.
  • Natura 2000 area The Valley of Pliszka River" (code K PLH080011), total area: 3 216 ha, covers a small river valley located on vast sandur fields. The River Pliszka has preserved its natural characteristic and is surrounded by a vast forest complex (mainly pine woods). Along the river various peatlands occur as well as sloughs, patches of riverside forest groups. In general there are 9 environmentally valuable habitats from the appendix of the First Habitat Directive. The flora of the region is enriched by 9 nationally endangered species, 22 protected plants and 7 nationally rare species. On the area there are also 5 species of the appendix of the Second Habitat Directive.
  • Natura 2000 area "Old Oak Wood in Koryta".

In addition, "Trough of Torzym Lakes" off shadowlist is awaiting its confirmation.