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Torzym Forest District is one of twenty forest districts of Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Zielona Góra and is located in Lubuskie province and is administered by three communes: Torzym, Sulęcin and Łagów. In the west it borders on Rzepin Forest District (RDSF Szczecin), east on Świebodzin Forest District.

The forest district includes forest complex owned by State Treasury located around Torzym - between Koryto (east) and Pniów (west). The area of the district is directly by a trunk road no. 2 (international road E-30). Through the area A-2 motorway will run in the future.

Surface area of the land comprises of three precincts: Gądków Wielki (7 671.72 ha), Torzym (7 524.90 ha) and Wystok (6 527.15 ha).

The area of Torzym Forest District is in the following counties:
1. Sulęcin
- commune and town of Torzym (21 234.40 ha)
- Sulęcin commune (180.75 ha)
2. Świebodzin
- Łagów commune (308.79 ha).

The forest district also manages non-forest lands (706.74 ha).