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Natural monuments are single formations of living (animate) and non-living (inanimate) nature or their clumping with their special environmental, scientific, cultural, historic or landscape value and characterizing with individual features distinguishing them among other creatures, f.ex. monumental trees.

On the area of Torzym Forest District the following nature monuments as single and groups of trees exist; two surface monuments.


Nature monuments on the area of Torzym Forest District:

- 76 English oaks (including the avenue of 73 trees)

- 2 yews


Designed nature monuments:

- within Gądków Wielki precinct: 1 Scots pine, 7 English oaks, 1 European white elm, common hawthorn, 1 bald cypress

- within Torzym precinct: 3 Scots pines, 1 English oak, 1 sessile oak, 4 European beeches, 1 erratic boulder;

- within Wystok precinct: 3 Scots pines, 17 English oaks (including a group of 11 trees), 7 European beeches.